Finance Candidate or Human Resource Candidate Member — Senior finance or Human Resource executives join ELITE to help in their employment search. Candidates are nominated by an existing ELITE member who personally knows of the candidate’s achievement level and reputation. “Senior” is someone who typically has held:

  • Director, Vice President level role or above
  • The top finance or HR leader role in an organization or division, and/or
  • Management responsibility for several people or teams.

Graduate Member – An ELITE candidate who has found employment automatically becomes a graduate. They continue to be ELITE members and are encouraged to participate in our educational and development meetings. If they find themselves in transition, they return as Finance or HR Candidate Member.

Board Member – serves on the Board of Directors which sets policy and operates ELITE. Board members are often sponsors, as well.

Sponsor Member – Provides financial and other active support and involvement.

Friends of ELITE – This is a pre-sponsor member category describing someone who is getting to know ELITE who may be interested at some point in participating as a Sponsor or Board member. It describes others, such as Executive Recruiters, who may wish to be involved, at the Board’s approval, at a lower level of commitment.

Membership privileges

All ELITE members receive communications with job leads and job search information. They also are able to attend all member meetings and social events and have the opportunity to contact any ELITE member for networking. Members may sponsor qualified colleagues who wish to apply for membership.

Membership fees

There are currently no membership fees except for ELITE Sponsors who are expected to contribute financially.  Various levels of sponsorship opportunities are available.  ELITE is a registered nonprofit 501(3c) organization.

Membership responsibilities

Approved Finance and HR Candidates are expected to:

  • Attend monthly member meetings and social events.
  • Actively network with other ELITE members over in person meetings or phone calls.  Be receptive to all members and take the initiative to help.
  • Share information with the group that will be helpful, such as contact information and announcements from recruiters, job leads, tips for the search, etc.
  • Keep contact information and resume up to date.
  • Participate when asked to assist on ELITE committees or speak at a member meeting, etc.
  • Graduates are encouraged to stay involved to maintain their professional network.

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