ELITE Leads Contest Rules

Contest Duration: October 1-October 31, 2022

Who can play: The ELITE Leads Contest is open to members in transition, graduates, sponsors, and directors.

How to play: No registration or purchase necessary. Send leads to ELITE Administrator and be entered into random drawing** and accrue points for grand prize drawing.*

Prizes: One (1) $100 Gift Card to a selected participant. Two (2) $50 Gift Cards to two random participants. Gift cards to be determined by the Board of Directors.

*The Grand Prize ($100 Gift Card) Contest entries (“leads”) will be defined and tallied per the following rules: Leads must be for Director-level or higher opportunities in HR or finance. One point will be given to each lead that is based in Illinois. Leads based in other states or countries will receive half a point. Leads forwarded from other mailing lists or search-generated emails will receive one point per email. Three additional bonus points will be awarded to leads where the ELITE source is the main point of contact and/or has a direct connection to the opportunity, regardless of location and level. Pay it forward leads do not receive any points.

**Two Random Drawings (2 $50 gift Cards) Contestants are allowed only one qualified contest entry in the random $50 prize drawings.

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